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“A design should never be lacking due to budget or size. In fact, as much thought must go into a 'small' job as a larger one. Perhaps even more.” G.J. Olson

G.J. Olson Architects offer a full service capability, taking responsibility from preliminary planning through to final completion of construction. Special architectural services include projects under $50,000 and custom design residences. Naturally CAD as well as the most sophisticated tools are used, and thorough documentation is supplied. Our construction documents are twice as detailed as most other firms. Many of our client relationships span decades, a testament to the level of trust and honesty we inspire.

“When designing an office, for example, there is no reason why staff's space shouldn't be as pleasant as the president's.” G.J. Olson

Quality Custom Designs | G.J. Olson Architects G.J. Olson Architects' project experience includes:

  • Single- and Multi-Family Development Development Architecture
  • Custom Home Design
  • Corporate Interior Design and Architecture
  • Retail Commercial Architecture
  • Residential Community
  • Mixed Use Developments

With each individual client, we spend a great deal of time getting to know them. By getting to know each client on a personal level, we are able to design and create their own custom dream home. Questions like, "What gender are the children? Is the husband or wife a clothes hound? Do they want bathrooms adjacent or apart? How far apart? What are their hobbies? What are their artistic sensibilities? Are they into scenic views? Is privacy a big factor?" These are just some of the areas we explore together as the relationship grows.

With developers, it is not always possible, of course, to meet the end-user. In those cases we spend a lot of time forming a picture in our imaginations of the type of families who'll be living in our homes. We'll drive around the area to see the style of architecture in the vicinity so that it can be incorporated into our custom home designs. In short, we design communities that are easy to build and market and are a pleasure to live in.


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