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“Seeing the look on a client's face when the project is finished, that's what makes this work so rewarding and keeps us inspired.” G.J. Olson

Many architects tout a signature style, essentially approaching every project from the same angle. But this has never been, and never will be, the G.J. Olson Architects way. To us, the deep relationships we enjoy with our clients (some extending over 30 years) are everything. It is only through spending time with our clients, through observing their lifestyles and habits, and by asking questions and truly listening, that we are able to translate what they are looking for into architectural and functional beauty.

G.J. Olson Architects' award-winning custom designs include single family and multi-unit residential architecture, as well as development architecture, and interiors. In recent years, we have also specialized in historic home renovation, by rehabilitating 1920s and 1930s bungalows into magnificent 5- or 6-bedroom shore homes. Please call today. You'll discover that behind our easy-going no-pressure manner are minds with sharpness for every detail. Our construction documents, for example, are twice as detailed as most other Philadelphia architecture firms. The highest standards of professionalism at every step along the way: that's our promise to you.

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