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Welcome to G.J. Olson Architects Incorporated, one of the leading Philadelphia architectural firms, serving individual homeowners and developers throughout the United States since 1990.

You can find the latest news from G.J. Olson Architects, as well as our most recent projects, at our news page. Last updated: May 6, 2008.

Despite a wide-ranging reputation for excellence, G.J. Olson Architects Incorporated is a small architectural firm that believes strong relationships not bricks or wood or concrete are the true foundation of a beautiful design. As architects, we also believe that the highest possible degree of personal attention is the natural result of putting our clients' best interests first. Clients work closely with our architects at every stage of the project. Calls are returned promptly, and egos are left at the door. We are here to listen and respond, not impose our will, and many people tell us this approach makes a refreshing difference. As does our openness and honesty.

G.J. Olson Architects Incorporated doesn't boast an architectural philosophy as such, but we do believe that all spaces and budgets must be treated with the utmost respect. There is no reason why a small space should lack a pleasing custom design. Or that less thought should go into a budget-conscious design. We never design residential or interior projects that we ourselves would not be delighted to live or work in.


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